romancehello friends.   for those of you in the seattle area, i hope to see you at chop suey on august 13th for a fine show with our friends in romance, silverteeth, and mother/father.  we will start the night off, so for those of you with curfews/day jobs/narcolepsy, this show is for you!  further details can be found on the “live” page.  

and thanks to everyone who has downloaded Sent To Coventry (and especially those who have chosen to donate).  we are still going strong, and have gotten some nice words from the press in the UK about it.  if you like what you hear, please tell a friend, because remember, we’re doing this one on our own… no label, no ‘promotional budget’… word of mouth is our greatest weapon!

finally, matt brown has done a smashing remix of ”lights, camera…” and i will be releasing this via myspace, for free, just prior to our show next week.  so make sure and check next wednesday, and let me/matt know what you think.  if you aren’t aware of matt’s work, he is in the fantastic band, trespassers william, and is a great musician/producer in his own right.  investigate!                                                                        

xo,  coulter

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