Week One

hello friends…. well, the first week is in the books, and i’d like to thank everyone who brought Sent To Coventry into their homes. for those of you who liked what you heard, please tell your friends!! next up is a show at Lo-Fi on the 22nd (of May) where we’ll be playing with pedestre, altspeak, romance, and then we’ll be treated to a DJ set by none other than mr. andy rourke, who you might know from a little 4 piece called the smiths. should be fun! in other news, a HUGE shout out to erik blood (who produced STC). he’s had a great week with a big spread in the stranger, a #1 ranking at kepx, and then today’s kexp song of the day with “to leave america” check it!


this link might only be good for today… i’m not really sure how it works. i’m not really sure how ANYTHING works, frankly. anyway, if you haven’t listened to erik’s album “the way we live,” go IMMEDIATELY to
www.erikblood.com it’s hot stuff! and one last thing. matt brown, who has been kind enough to play bass for me, and who is a hugely talented musician and producer in his own right www.trespasserswilliam.com is in the process of doing a remix for “lights, camera, dissatisfaction.” this is the first song we’ve ever done this for, so i’ll be eager to get the results up and out as soon as possible.

now then, it being a rare, bright, sunny day in seattle, i’m getting off this blasted box and going outside. hope you are all well.


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