“Coulter listened to the right records growing up, and this album proves that the heart is still what matters when it comes to making great music”

-Andy Rourke from THE SMITHS

“Being sent to Coventry may be a very British euphemism for being cast off from society, but American singer-songwriter Coulter has embraced it for the title to his third album. It’s fitting as well, because this Seattle-based artist is a clear voice for the outsider and broken-hearted. STC features a collection of songs that are well-crafted and though-provoking, tackling a range of emotions and inspirations in an American way, but with a reassuring side salad of Britishness.

-Manchester Independent (UK)

“There’s something so familiar about this Seattle based singer songwriter’s third solo release that you could be forgiven for thinking you’d heard a lot of it before. That’s partly because he’s not afraid to plunder the musical styles of the 80s (and even 70s) for inspiration and partly because he’s got a good ear for a catchy hook. It’s pretty much a UK tribute (well, except for Je Vous Pardonne Tout!) but is easy listening in the best possible sense of the term”

-Blackpool Evening Gazette (U.K.)

“This is an accomplished album, crossing genres with consummate ease and offering a little bit of something for most musical palates. Standout track for me is Lights, Camera, Dissatisfaction, which is a cracking song title if nothing else! There are some sweet little pop/rock numbers here, and the sort of lyrics Morrissey or even a loved-up Billy Bragg would be proud of. Well worth a listen and a real antidote to the mass-produced, chart-troubling pop around today”

-Selby Times (UK)

“Unlike many acts without major label backing, this musical magpie knows a good tune or three. He’s also pulled in top-drawer musicians and a decent producer for a pleasingly varied set. As its title suggests, opener See You Next Tuesday is a slug of pithily-delivered, broken-hearted bitterness, contrarily wrapped in a bouncy, jangly guitar-strummed melody that could easily find itself on a Radio 1 playlist. (Other) dabbles in 80s synth-pop, rockabilly and Brendan Benson-style rock all get the thumbs up.”

-Saffron Walden Reporter (UK)

“First play through, you think it’s good enough to give a second spin; second time is enough for a third go and by about the fourth or fifth play through you’re humming the tunes.”

-Congleton Chronicle (UK)

“There’s so much energy and so many strong tunes running through this impressive collection that the singer reinvigorates old themes and gives them a distinctive sound of his own. There’s fun and variety all the way and, even if it does get a little bit mournful by the end, you’ll have had more than your money’s worth by then.”
-The Burton Mail (UK)

“‘Sent To Coventry’ is pop with thoughtful musings layered over jangly, guitars. Give It A Chance is about as raucous and as catchy as it gets.”

-Birmingham Sunday Mercury (UK)

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